United Kingdom Soccer Academy

School of Excellence

The School of Excellence (SSE) is an extension of the already very successful United Kingdom Soccer Academy, and is designed to address the needs of the serious soccer player. The camp is targeted towards those players with extensive playing experience at the Competitive levels who have the desire to reach their full potential, not only for the individual, but also for the team.

SSE is constantly striving to improve its teaching methods to best serve the players’ needs. We can readily access the finest and the latest in professional training methods, techniques and equipment.

The Director and coaches are responsible and dedicated to the success of the School of Excellence and will ensure that the camp will be challenging, fun, and a positive learning experience for all. It is our goal to provide the right combination of learning through hard work and fun to develop the necessary skills that are required to achieve a greater knowledge of the dynamic game of soccer!

***The Camp will conclude at 1:00pm on Friday’s, of each Camp week

* All coaches are U.S.S.F. licensed

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Soccer School of Excellence

***The Camp will conclude at 1:00pm on Friday’s, of each Camp week

Training Equipment

  • Coerver Quick Goals
  • Dutch Gates
  • Kwickets
  • Soccer Pro
  • Head Tennis Games

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REFUND POLICIES – No refunds – ONLY Credits are offered for future Camps.

Rain or other weather conditions during the Camp may postpone or cancel certain days. If so, there will be no refund but a credit will be assessed for future Camps.